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Hitting the Nerve  


inomed is a medical technology company, operating internationally, which develops nerve protection instruments and systems for precisely targeted patient treatment.


Sharing Knowledge

Working with doctors and users, inomed develops new tools and methods in the fields of intraoperative neuromonitoring, neurosurgery, pain therapy and neurological diagnostics.


Providing Safety

inomed supplies high-quality products to improve treatment outcomes, and uses innovative technologies to ensure safety for both treatment providers and patients.



Our products are the result of decades of experience in clinical tests and secure trials. This formula for success ensures that your patients receive the best possible treatment.

Our Product Portfolio

Our broad range of products is divided into four core areas. In close collaboration with customers, we continually translate new ideas into tools and develop new methods for the patients’ benefit. Find an overview about the variety of competencies on the internet.


Quality Management

Our work is driven by the very essence of medicine: helping people. This makes for high quality, reliable products – a standard that we strive to safeguard and maintain every single day.