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Founded in 1864, the scientific instruments industry Officine Galileo established, during the 50’s, a new Neurodiagnostic Division, the first in Italy. During the 80’s it became an independent company named ESAOTE and in 1998 a branch of it joined a company named BASIS establishing EB Neuro, a new industrial subject only devoted to Neurodiagnostic. Actually, EB Neuro, privately owned, is one of the main worldwide players in the Neurodiagnostic market both with its own brand and with OEM products. In 2012, EB Neuro expanded its product portfolio through a company fusion with another Italian company of the same market segment named ATES Medica Device.

Thanks to a great cooperation with relevant research organizations and Key Opinion Leaders, EB Neuro wants to further develop its traditional leading role in the innovation of new technologies for EEG/LTM, EMG/EP, Magnetic Transcranial Stimulation and Cardiology

In 2018, EB Neuro celebrated an important milestone: the 20th year of activity. Our development in all these years has been driven by ongoing commitment to improving public health especially in the neurological field. Present today in more than 50 countries through an extensive network of distributors, EB Neuro provides state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions that improve patient health. Thanks to the active collaboration with important research centers and Key Opinion Leaders, EB Neuro S.p.A. continues to play the role of leader, providing innovative technologies for diagnosis in the field EEG/LTM, EMG/EP, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Cardiology. Our product basket covers several sectors such as:




  • Digital Electroencephalography

  • Video EEG

  • Polysomnography and Sleep Analysis

  • Ambulatory Recordings

  • Electromyography and Evoked Potentials

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation



  • Systems for Electrocardiography

  • Systems for ECG Stress Test

  • Systems for Ambulatory/Holter ECG


  • Systems for Bilimetry


The presence on the Italian territory of a Research and Development Division and two production facilities, as well as the constant participation in research projects, make EB NEURO constantly at the forefront in technical science and in line with the high standards of worldwide recognized Made in Italy quality.