SleepSense® is a brand name of SLP (Scientific Laboratory Products), a leading developer and manufacturer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders since 1993.

As one of the pioneers in the growing sleep industry, SLP has gained a reputation for its innovative sensors, engineering and technology.

All SleepSense products are designed by sleep people for sleep people.

The SLP team has over 15 years of experience in the field of sleep disorders. The company's products offer the highest quality and performance while addressing evolving technological requirements.

SleepSense products are distributed to sleep disorder centers worldwide, as well as to OEM manufacturers of diagnostic systems for recording sleep studies.

Among the SleepSense diagnostic sensor products are respiration effort, airflow, snoring, body position, and movement.


SLP has twice been the gold winner of Cannon Communications' prestigious Medical Design Award. The manufacturing process is subject to stringent standards of quality assurance. All of SLP's products are FDA 510K and CE approved, and the company has been granted the ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485: 2003 certified.

Understanding the importance of direct contact with customers and the need to establish brand recognition for its products, SLP formed a subsidiary in the United States. The subsidiary (SLP Inc.) is responsible for managing the OEM business and the distribution of SleepSense products in North America. The company is also responsible for the distribution of SLP's in home screening products.

Market Status

SLP continually upgrades its existing sensors, providing effective innovations to meet evolving market needs. The Company's sleep lab sensors have been sold worldwide since 1994 and have gained a high level of market use and recognition. The Company is now focused on expanding its world-wide presence for these and its home-use screening products under the SleepSense brand name.