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    Inductive Interface Cable

RIP/Inductive Technology

SleepSense RIP/Inductive Technology has one of the lowest setup costs available.  With machine washable belts priced under $1 per use, the SleepSense System is an affordable way to monitor respiratory effort using inductive technology.  SleepSense bands are available in blue or white, are comfortable for the patient, and provide high quality signals with little to no adjustment throughout the night.

SleepSense Inductive Plethysmography Belts share these advantages:

  • Low Cost Per Use
  • 6 Color-Coded sizes (neonate-XXL), available in blue or white
  • Fit a wide variety of patients
  • Compatible with all inductive monitors
  • Machine washable, sterilizable, autoclavable
  • Simple snap connectors, & interface cables for nearly any recording system
  • Adapter cables available allowing users to use SleepSense Belts with their current RIP/Inductive System
  • Body Position Sensors can easily be applied directly to the inductive band
  • SleepSense Inductive Belts have reported usage of well over 80 uses each belt