Powerful new generation ripetitive transcranial magnetic stimulator, available in different versions.
Device developed on multiprocessor technology with  programmable stimulation morphology.
Through the wide TFT display it is possible to check and to set up in an easy and intuitive way all the functions of the equipment. Command console with dedicated function keys and knob for the setting of charge percentage and of display functions. Manual, automatic, double stimulus and repetitive stimulation functioning available. Visualization of all stimulation data on display such as set power, coil temperature, stimulus type, trigger type etc. Stimulation frequency up to 100 Hz available in different versions.
The equipment is available in different versions for clinical neurophysiology, neuropsychiatry, research etc.


STM 9000 coils

Wide range of stimulation coils with direct commands for energy increasing and stimulus activation, with visualization of the energy set.




at 2 channels for STM9000. PEM response shown on TFT screen of the instrument.



PEMs module