• ICU Neuromonitoring
    ICU Neuromonitoring

ICU Neuromonitoring (English)

ICU Neuromonitoring

enhances the vital signs monitoring meaning, with the valuable information of the contemporary EEG-PES monitoring.
A user interface, specifically designed for the ICU staff, allows now the real applicability of the neurophysiological monitoring in the particular intensive care environment.
Based on nemus 2, the system offers the maximum flexibility for the positioning at the bedside.
The remote consultation and the complete configurability of the information obtained, optimize both the control and the advice of the Neurophysiologist.
Nemus ICU can also perform all the clinical examinations as:

- EEG and video EEG
- SEP, BAEP, VEP pattern and flash, P300.


20channel EEG-SEP monitoring
• Patient box with integrated stimulators
Bilateral electric stimulation
QEEG (Burst Suppression, aEEG, DSA, spectral trend, etc.).
• Rapid assessment with SEP latency and amplitude trend
Out of range indications(audio, video)
Spike and seizure detection
Configurable layouts
Remote monitoring
Trolley or bedside support configuration

Clinical advantages:

• EEG: seizure and epileptic status diagnosis and treatment
• EEG: motor movements differential diagnosis (epileptic / non-epileptic)
• EEG: assessing of coma depth
• EEG: prognostic value
• PES: drug resistant
• PES: easily interpretable and replicable
• PES: index of brain function
• PES: diagnostic and prognostic value