C2 NerveMonitor

Switch on, measure, protect:

this three words define the new generation of nerve monitors. C2 NerveMonitor is equipped with two independent stimulators. This makes it possible for the surgeon to easily identify a structure in the peripheral nervous system with a manual probe while conducting continuous monitoring in parallel.


These unique features in this class of devices and simple expandability as well as the conscious departure from the touchscreen give the device usage value oriented towards the future.

C2 NerveMonitor represents the new generation of nerve monitors. It is user-friendly with buttons, switches and a clear display for important information. C2 NerveMonitor offers a range of new intelligent features: Up to eight EMG channels can be monitored easily.

The input of patient data can be done automatically by using the integrated bar code scanner. Therefore, the C2 NerveMonitor identifies all necessary patient data and does the complete setup of all parameters automatically, according to predefined programs. Designed for daily use in the operating room, C2 NerveMonitor can be used easily after a short briefing. 


  • Very easy to use
  • Precise presentation of EMG signal
  • Clear audibility of EMG signal via powerful loudspeaker
  • Adaptive auto mute function for stimulation
  • Patient database for documentation
  • Barcode scanner to read in patient data
  • Standard connection for USB printer
  • Wide range of disposable and reusable accessories


The C2 NerveMonitor has been developed for identification, protection of nerve paths and for atraumatic nerve mobilisation during following surgical interventions:



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